About Us

Two chicks offering awesome deals! Get free stuff, coupons and so much more!

Yadi: A Stay at home mom with 3 toddlers! With a set of twins + singleton it can be tiring. I do everything to save money to help take care of my family. Proud Army Wife. 
Went from a 1" to a 4"binder and it is still over flowing

Shorti: A stay at home wife working part time from home. Originally it was a full two income family and because of the economy my job had mass layoffs. I was fortunate to be able to work from home freelancing for my old job. Has looked for a long time and still having problems finding a full time job. So this forced me into couponing which actually Yadi got me totally hooked! We trade coupons and find all the deals that we can to save money. Only working with a small coupon organizer that is easy to carry to and from the store.

The Creation of Penny Shoppers
Yadi wanted to help others and with Shorti's web skills everything worked together perfectly.

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